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Heartbeat Radio for Women

Welcome to Heartbeat Radio 104.1 FM! Be inspired!

About Us


Our Programming

Songs you can sing to! The music diet is based on Adult Pop and interspersed with Adult Contemporary, some EDM and R&B 

We carefully select the content of our segments, interviews and features, highlighting issues of importance to women. 

Heartbeat Radio offers a distinct and unique opportunity to advertisers to reach an extremely influential consumer audience – women! Mothers, wives, administrative staff…all female dominated roles. These roles come with the responsibility of making informed consumer choices for their families and others around them. 

Heartbeat embraces branded content, a concept that existed on radio long before digital adopted the term. Heartbeat’s objective to educate and entertain allows for customization of information that improves the lifestyles of the community we are connected to via the airwaves.


Our Shows & Features

Throughout the day Heartbeat airs informative segments and lifestyle talk shows, bringing to the fore anything and everything women-related, including topics like parenting, relationships, motivation, health, beauty, fashion, career advice, financial wisdom, culinary skills, etiquette, romance, biographies, book reviews, and much more.


History of Heartbeat Radio


Heartbeat Radio began broadcasting on 7th March 2005, the eve of International Women’s Day. 

Gender media is nothing new but a station that offers 24 hour programming geared towards for women’s entertainment, issues & information is what makes Heartbeat unique. 

There is one simple programming philosophy: What the Women Want!

For entertainment, that means only the 

The idea for Heartbeat Radio for Women was developed four years prior to the launch of the radio station. Miss Kiran Maharaj, who has been in media for over two decades, was the brainchild behind the concept and a lot of detailed research and careful planning went into the final format.

Originally conceptualized to empower and uplift women through sharing of experiences and learning from each other’s challenges, as a sisterhood community, the station had to quickly “rebrand”. Almost fifty percent of the callers on the interactive talk shows and thirty-five percent of regular listeners were men! 

A male listener sowed the seed of the tagline: “Heartbeat Radio for Women and the Men Who Love Them.” He said that since the station began broadcasting it not only made all his days happy but it was radio that made sense and also helped him in his relationship with his wife and daughter. After hearing his compelling story and looking at the survey data, Kiran decided that rebranding was a must: “At first it was surprising but in listening to the comments and realizing the extent of positive influence we are creating it was heart warming.” 

Is it odd that a small Caribbean island (Trinidad and Tobago) produced the world’s first 24-hour commercial radio station for women? “No way… I think anyone can do great things once they are determined, believe in their purpose and are not afraid to fail along the road of experience and challenge.  My motto in life is Gandhi’s philosophy of “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Like all women throughout the history of the world who have struggled for the rights of women, from Joan of Arc to Oprah Winfrey, Heartbeat Radio for Women is another milestone that women everywhere can be proud of and the very fact that it exists is a tribute to all the women around the world who have made, are making and will make a difference. If you’re a woman then this is a tribute to you too.”